Windows Live Mail

Email Setup for Windows Live Mail

Incoming and outgoing mail server:

To download Windows Live Mail go to

The step by step guides takes you right from installation of the program. If you already have it installed then skip to step 07.

If Live Mail is already open on your screen and you want to add another account click on the Accounts tab, then the Email icon. From there start at step 09 to proceed with the account setup.

Walkthrough Setup Guide Video

If you prefer to watch a narrated screen capture video play this or see the screenshots further down.

Step by Step Setup Guide with Screenshots

01 – Open the Live Essentials website and click the Download button
02 – The download will start or prompt so run the file that downloads
03 – Click Choose the programs you want to install
04 – Remove all the ticks except for the one on Mail then click Install
05 – Installation proceeds
06 – The installation is complete click Close
07 – In the start menu under all programs click Windows Live Mail
08 – Click Accept on the Live Essentials service agreement
09 – The Add your email accounts window is ready for entering details
10 – Enter email, password and name. Tick Manually enter server settings. Click Next.
11 – Choose IMAP and enter the server names for incoming and outgoing as plus the login user name as your email address
12 – Once you press next there is a confirmation the account has been added
13 – Click download for the IMAP folder list
14 – Once you press ok you will see the inbox
15 – To add more accounts go to the Accounts tab and click the Email icon
16 – To change settings right click on the account and choose properties

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